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We are now heading in the peak season when flights to Rodrigues will witness a sensible increase. Alongside the price of air tickets will increase. Two months ago the subsidized return ticket from Rodrigues to Mauritius was Rs 5430 which was increased to Rs 5720 in September. The price for peak season has been fixed at Rs 6220. So if you travel through November to February make sure your purse is adequately stuffed.

It’s an unprecedented measure, which was apparently announced in the last budget.  If there may be a point that air flights have what we call a “price list” for different times of the year, in Rodrigues, as far as I remember, it wasn’t the practice to resort to such price list. Some people claim Rodrigues as having its own specificity and that not all measures need to apply in its context.

Anyway the least that people expect is enhanced services on and off board, with proper communication system whenever any change in schedule or facilities is foreseen. I have witnessed occasions when flights were delayed and the ground staff was unable to provide proper explanation as to any warranted rescheduling.  One had to phone Air Mauritius Plaisance to be aware of the exact situation of air movement. And it was upon the growing complaints of concerned travelers that appropriate measures were taken to cater for the passengers already at the airport not knowing when they would board.

Let’s hope the airline company gives due consideration to travelers on this line without giving the opportunity to complain being citizens of another (lower) class as is often perceived.

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A retired government officer, former trade unionist and occupational safety & health management consultant based in Rodrigues Islands, Alfa King (real name: Amanoola Khayrattee) is a bilingual contributor to This Week News ( He has been editor of trade union newsletter and has contributed articles for various in-house magazines, publications, and the local press. He blogs since 2007, and when he is not reading or surfing on the internet, he is hiking over an 8-km-daily routine.
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