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It’s Carnival Time Again!

The New Year sets the pace. Just another series of carnivals where Alfa King Memories has been featured since December. Here’s the list:

1) Enhancing your authority is featured in Successful Blogging Principles for 2008 at The Next 45 Years

2) Booze off with SMART resolutions is listed in the Happiness section of the Personal Development & Happiness Carnival #24 at Slow down Fast

3) Blogging year, against all odds appears in three carnivals:

(i) Just Write BlogCarnival (edition seven) in the section Blogging/Journaling at Incurable Disease of Writing
 (ii) the January 10, 2008 edition of carnival of the vanities at Conservative Political News – BETA Version of Site
 (iii) Writers Block carnival under blogs at Writers from across the blogosphere
(iv) Personal Stories of Change Blog Carnival: Edition 13 at I will change your

4) Which comes first, Christmas or New Year? is listed in the Carnival of Family Life – Christmas Edition at Colloquium in the Family Humor section

5) No more hope from Celina 7 things you can do is mentioned in The Special Holiday Edition Of The Carnival Of Cities at An American in Oslo

That’s all folks. I hope that makes sense. See you at the next series.

Another series of carnivals

It’s a real festival of the carnivals. Quite a few posts of Alfa King Memories have been featured in various carnivals as listed hereunder:

The Writers’ Block Carnival
Happiness Carnival
Resource for Bloggers Carnival (Edition 3)
Just Write Blogcarnival (Edition 3)
Carnival of struggling bumbling newbies
Personal Development & Happiness Carnival (Issue 21)

See you at the next festival.

Ahead with the carnivals

The carnival links are growing as we move ahead.

It’s interesting to note that my “Information Sheet on Diabetes” has been featured in the Carnival of Healing #112 at Tarot by Jacqueline Blog as well as in the Carnival of Life, Happiness and Meaning at Phil for Humanity.

My “Media and trade unions under scrutiny?” is in the composition of the Carnival of cities which is at Go Chicago Card Blog this week. Check the next week’s Carnival of Cities at An American in Oslo Norway.

Should you wish to submit to a blog carnival click here and select a carnival.

The Food Edition of the Carnival of Cities

IgoUgo Travel Blog did a nice round-the-world tour with the Carnival of Cities: Food Edition. And Family Travel’s link back with Travel links round-up is marvelous.

Have a look at some of the interesting tasty food posts from the various places of the globe. I’m there too with my Indians celebrate Divali. While I’ve dwelt more on the meaning of the Divali festival, the delicious gateau batate has made it to the theme of the carnival.

Thank you IgoUgo and Family Travel.

Featured in carnivals

You’ll find me at Doc’s Place with my “Press targeted as India commemorates its 60th year of independence” in the Carnival of cities. Doc takes us to Zurich, Paris, Jerusalem, Dubai and the North American cities.

And at the Health and Fitness Forum – Vol. III with my “Losing weight with bananas!” This forum features a number of health and weight-loss related articles which I’d recommend if you are interested.

If you want to submit to any carnival please click here to select one.

Have a nice time.

Gene Genie #11 is up

Gene Genie, the blog carnival of genes and genetic conditions, is up at Med Journal Watch. There’s quite a bit about genes – Junk DNA: from science to framing, Genes and diseases and New techniques.

My Childhood Asthma Probe is listed under Genes and diseases.

For upcoming editions see the Gene Genie carnival page. Gene Genie #12, which is scheduled for July 29, will be hosted by My Biotech Life. For any submissions clike here.

Blogposts listings

My Budget Day is listed in the Carnival of Cities for June 18, 2007 at “Home Turf Media” and in the Carnival of Budgeting #8 at “Payday Loan Lowdown”.

In one of the posts for the Carnival of Cities Vanessa Latimer tells us that Puerto Piramides offers more than just…whales (Southern Right Whales, that is) posted at Argentina’s Travel Guide with some nice pictures.

In the second carnival Jane Chin presents Couples: Joint or Separate Bank Accounts posted at Jane Chin; and Edithyeung’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Money Managers posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act are quite interesting.

Sugar Shortfall posted here a while ago appears at “The Boring Made Dull” under Economics and Social Policy XXXVIII. Here I was particularly interested with Charles H Green’s How Marketing Can Destroy Sales Trust posted at Trust Matters.

The other posts are equally interesting. Why not take a peek? And if you want to submit a post to any of the blogcarnivals you may do it here.

Have a nice read.

Carnival of Storytellers

My post: “Reporters and Journalists, beware” made the cut in the 10th edition of the Carnival of Storytelling. It’s all at DigitalRichDaily along with other interesting ones, like Courage; and The Ominous Comma » Hormone Poisoning.

The editor says having received several stories but did not include them all due to” bouts of stupidity and boringness”.

It’s a real pleasure indeed when you happen to make it out of the lot.

Thank you DigitalRichDaily.