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Hello Again

Hi again. Here am I. Still going strong. With the same vigour, the same motivation, the same style and the same stance. A warm greeting to all my readers and followers.

You might have been wondering where the hell I’ve been for so much time. Well, I’m still alive; and in good shape. Thank God. Circumstances have been such that I had to break from this routine of blogging. But the love for writing and sharing knowledge and experiences which constitute the basis of my blog is more intense than I could realize.

I’ll try to pick up from you. I guess some of you might have shifted somewhere else in the cyberspace. Anyway, I hope to keep a regular schedule.

There’s not much for this re-entry. I’m waiting for my webmaster to redesign my blog for more attractiveness. We’ll carry on then.

See you.

Forging Ahead

New Look, New Design

As I told you in my previous post, I had in mind to change the look of my blog. Are the same theme and the same design still appealing after some time? This question has been haunting me since a while. If for some reason or other we tend to resist change, I have a whole different view of this pertinent issue. On-going change, I believe, favours fresh enthusiasm and commitment at the service of the customer. We shouldn’t keep out of mind that what we are is what our customers want us to be. We have to live up to their expectations if we want to survive.

What are our readers looking for? They need to know not only what’s new but also how it’s new. The content is vital; the wrapping is even more. Have you ever halted a while in the shopping mall? Have you noticed people carefully choosing the wrapping material for their gifts? Why are they so selective on something that’s only going to serve as a cover or blanket only for the moment it’s handed over to the recipient? Once the gift is in hand they forget about the wrapper. Isn’t it? This is what I’d call the appeal factor. The stuff that wraps gifts is as important, if not more, as the gift itself. I hope advertising agents won’t contradict me on this matter.

New Hosting Service

It all happened when my webmaster told me he was in the process of making a new design for his blog. He was at the same time looking for a more reliable web hosting service for Wakish Wonderz. We had enough of the erratic service we were having.We’ve been discussing about this during the past months. He was determined for a change. He also proposed to give my blog a new look too. I agreed to that, and so I decided that I won’t resume blogging until all this would have been cleared.

Side Bar De-cluttered a bit

It took quite some time. That’s the “other reason for my long absence” I mentioned in my previous post. And we came up with this new design for Alfa King Memories. You’ll notice the new logo and avatar; a slight de-cluttering of the side bar; and the posts appearing only partly to allow more space per page. The archive has been moved to a separate page. Some items that I consider don’t make any difference have been removed. There’s still some more de-cluttering to do and we’ll tackle this as we go along. What do you think about it?

Forward with Determination

From the bold “first step which was the hardest” some 18 months ago, Alfa King is “forging ahead” with renewed vigour thanks to your support and encouragement. There’s a substantial growth in my visitors’ list; and I hope to have a still bigger number with posts that need to reconcile both readers’ interests and areas of expertise I feel better at ease.

So there you are folks. Keep visiting Alfa King Memories. There’s lot more to dig out and learn together. Feel free, as usual, to air any suggestions or thoughts through my comment box.

Still There to Serve You

Heya! Here am I. A relatively long absence indeed. Well, I know it’s been longer than intended. All my plans to connect with you last week were in vain. How many of you have had their telephone line interrupted for at least a week? It was my case since Tuesday 16 September. It seems a lorry hit against one of the poles in the roadside where I live and the main cable was torn apart.

And you know the time it takes to get the whole thing fixed again, especially when you have a non-stop rain for nearly three days, from Tuesday evening to Friday morning. Just to give you an idea, the 24-hour rainfall on Wednesday reached a record-breaking amount of 250 mm in the central part of the country; and 270 mm at some places, which largely exceeded the long-term average for September.

The line was restored at last today, not without multiple complaints. Can you figure out having to do without internet for a whole week? Our lives have become so technology-dependant that even a slight breakdown amplifies our distress. I don’t dare look at my list of waiting tasks.

Anyway, when I came back from Rodrigues I went straight to my office the next working day. Usually after a tour of service we go on leave immediately on a priority basis, if we so desire. Instead I chose to have some vacation leave as from the second week of this month. I’ll resume my full time job in the second week of October. Plenty of time to recuperate and get settled. Right?

Ok. Now, what have I been doing? To be frank I was idle. So why didn’t I keep you posted? I have no straightforward answer. But I had to check back all my routine matters, banking, car insurance and road tax, utilities and the rest of other personal matters so that there’s nothing outstanding.

I also wanted to have a deeper look over this whole issue of blogging again. The break allowed me some time to go through my pages and readership statistics. It was a fruitful exercise and I came up with some quite interesting clues as to what they’ve been looking for. But there’s yet another reason for my absence: I was contemplating a change in the look and design of my blog. We’ll talk more about this in my next post.

Watch out.

Just a quick note

I may be off for a week or so. Reason: I’m proceeding to Rodrigues on a tour of duty as from tomorrow. I hope to get back to you after I get settled down, which might take about a week. We’ll take up from there. So bear with me.

In the meantime take a peek at the following:

How to do your own PR: Four steps to strengthening your writing ‘brand’

Spinning Plates: How to Succeed With Multiple Projects

Do You Have The Audacity to Succeed?

Have a nice time. See you. Cheers!

Watch out the next item in the Interview series

Last year I promised to come up with an interview category where I’d talk to experts in various fields, writing and blogging in particular. I started the first interview with a famous international freelance writer and editor, Nick Daws. It was a great success with unprecedented number of hits.

This time I’ll be interviewing a popular and well-established blogger who’s been “creating web content on a wide variety of topics for more than seven years”. We’ll talk about blogging in general and earning income online.

So, watch out.

Best of Alfa King Memories 2007

Inspired by some well-established bloggers I’m tempted to make a list of the “Best of 2007”. I started in March on a day that means a lot to my country. It was the 39th Independence Day, which reminds us of the struggle for freedom from colonial rule.

For me it was a moment of great inspiration to take up the challenge as blogger. The journey has been very passionate, enriching and indeed challenging. Two posts have particularly marked me. And they are the ones which I’d list as the best for the year.

First, it’s the INTERVIEW with freelance writer, editor and coach, Nick Daws, which was a real test case for me.

Secondly, from a sentimental point of view, I’m very much attached to Tribute to my beloved Dad.

However I consider it appropriate to list the best selections by month. Here they are:

(i) Sweet is thy beauty, sweet is thy fragrance, O motherland of mine
(ii) Studying the Poles to unveil global impacts
(iii) When angels break…
(iv) Survivor of the gallows

(i) Climate and weather impacts on human health
(ii) Volcanic gases – Is Mauritius under threat?
(iii) The racing season is back
(iv) Hepatitis Awareness
(v) Reading… and writing… for pleasure
(vi) May Day

(i) INTERVIEW with freelance writer, editor and coach, Nick Daws
(ii) Trade Union Outcry
(iii) Eight missing after tidal waves hit the Mascarenes
(iv) Habits of daily, scheduled writing vs good writing habits
(v) Is a writing qualification essential?
(vi) Mother’s Day or Business’ Day?
(vii) Smoke-free environments

(i) Self-publishing v traditional publishing
(ii) Women bashing?
(iii) Is there something like a strong password?
(iv) When the media hurts
(v) Getting started writing a book

(i) Sweet and Sour
(ii) Released… after 114 days of living nightmare
(iii) Childhood Asthma Probe
(iv) Grammar, punctuation and spelling – Do they really matter?
(v) Mineral wells in Mauritian waters

(i) Tribute to my beloved Dad
(ii) NRPT – the agony of taxpayers
(iii) Independent Mauritius: A brief historical perspective
(iv) Writers’ questions answered
(v) A glimpse of the evolution of Health & Safety Legislation in Mauritius

(i) Employee Rights and Employee Relations: new laws in pipeline
(ii) Father Laval’s Day
(iii) Muslims in purge
(iv) Tsunami alert

(i) Trade Unions maintain pressure over ERB
(ii) Long weekend amidst sadness and joy

(i) Indians celebrate Divali
(ii) Labor and industrial relations reforms to be reconsidered
(iii) Information Sheet on Diabetes
(iv) Media and trade unions under scrutiny?
(v) Writing for free?
(vi) Beginner or professional?
(vii) Check out Wakish Wonderz

(i) About success
(ii) You do not need a college degree to be a writer
(iii) A few more things about success
(iv) Most valuable commenter
(v) Do you value value-packed content?
(vi) No more hope from Celina – 7 things you can do
(vii) Duping children with the myth of Santa Claus

If you didn’t have the opportunity to read them, it’s time you visit Alfa King Memories. And if you are new here, you might consider subscribing via RSS, or spread the word.

Thank you. All the best.


Welcome to Alfa King Memories new look. I’m pleased to announce my new hosting service and own domain name at

I’d appreciate if you could update your links to Alfa King Memories. I rely on your usual support and encouragement.

Thank you and see you next with my 100th post. Watch out.

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