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Have you ever given any thoughts on lessons learnt about blogging?Or rather the most important lesson? Have you learnt any lesson, by the way? Simple question, isn’t it? Not as simple as that, if you see the wide range of impressions at Skelliewag.

Skellie is running a weekly “Ask the Readers” section at her blog. Every week end she poses a question or discussion topic “to extract some thoughts, wisdom and tips from readers”. She aims at providing “a forum for readers to chat, ask questions, share tips and get to know each other”. She also encourages discussions with other readers and commenters.

The first question or topic of the series started on 11 November 2007. It was about “the art of making time to do the actions that grow your blog or website”, or simply “what strategies do you use to stay productive?

Last week she wanted to know from readers “whether they think saving content is a worthwhile goal and, if so, how would they go about developing the habit?” Or if you want “What Does Your Writing Budget Look Like?

With this week’s “Ask the Readers” discussion Skellie aims at “collecting a number of profound lessons in one place”. Her question: “what’s the most important lesson you’ve learned about blogging or being a webmaster?” has attracted quite a number of thought-provoking comments from the blogosphere.

In her “Ask the Readers” series, Skellie will each week pick a favorite comment and spotlight the author and comment on the following week’s “Ask the readers” post. “Skelliewag is a PR 5 blog and the link will be seen by a few thousand people,” says Skellie. Her judging criteria:
(i) Active participation in the discussion.
(ii) Thoughtful consideration of the question.
(iii) Engagement with other commenters and reflection on their answers.

Are you game? So let’s join the discussion at Skelliewag.

A retired government officer, former trade unionist and occupational safety & health management consultant based in Rodrigues Islands, Alfa King (real name: Amanoola Khayrattee) is a bilingual contributor to This Week News ( He has been editor of trade union newsletter and has contributed articles for various in-house magazines, publications, and the local press. He blogs since 2007, and when he is not reading or surfing on the internet, he is hiking over an 8-km-daily routine.
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