Poor Animal

However arrogant you may be and however well off for that matter, you never know what destiny may have in reserve. Like this animal which, surely while still in life, was a matter of pride and economic support to its owner. It has been left decaying on the border of the street with flies mushrooming around. Who cares?

I came across this dead animal this afternoon while on my routine 8-km walk along the coast to Grand Bay from Port Mathurin and back. It triggered in me a sense of odd feeling of how life can play tricks we may not expect. Because it’s an animal of no more use now, it has been ignored although as usual there are other of its mates still anchored for grazing nearby. Which means it could not have gone unnoticed by the owner.

Don’t think that it’s the fate of only animals to be abandoned, or to have such a fatal outcome. It reminds me of one of Dr. Satish Boolell’s real life stories in his “Forensics in Paradise”, an interesting and thought provoking read indeed. While in his autopsy room, he relates, he was in presence of a cadaver in a plastic bag. It was covered with thick mud. Apparently it was the body of someone who had fallen in a ditch while jogging and it was stinking. When he uncovered it he noticed a face familiar to him. He ordered to wash it so he could examine it with a closer look. He was shocked at recognizing in him a friend of his who was at a certain time a high ranking official in the civil service. Fate?

The moral is: be humble, be alert to people’s plight, do what you can to come to their aid, don’t discriminate or undermine others, and never let your ego control your actions, lest you may end up like this “poor” animal and nobody would care. Live a life in a manner to be remembered as a person who had his contribution in life. And this applies invariably to our “honorable” politicians.

A bon entendeur, salut.

Alfa King Memories

A retired government officer, former trade unionist and occupational safety & health management consultant based in Rodrigues Islands, Alfa King (real name: Amanoola Khayrattee) is a bilingual contributor to This Week News (http://thisweeknews.info). He has been editor of trade union newsletter and has contributed articles for various in-house magazines, publications, and the local press. He blogs since 2007, and when he is not reading or surfing on the internet, he is hiking over an 8-km-daily routine.
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