Water, water everywhere…

“Water, water, every where…nor any drop to drink,” (The ancient mariner).

Water covers two-thirds of the globe. Yet, for many, it’s a scarce commodity. In some parts of the world, to a great extent in Haiti and the rural sub-saharan African regions, people, mostly women and young girls, have to walk hours and miles before they can have some water for their households. Very often such water is polluted and therefore unsafe for drinking. Children in tender ages are the most vulnerable. Reports suggest that about 1.1 billion people (nearly one-fifth of the world’s population) lack access to safe drinking water. About 90% of deaths arising from contaminated water consumption involve children under the age of five.

Have we ever reflected on the extent of impact of such scarcity on the education and development of people? Let’s stop a while on the theme of this year’s World Water Day: “Coping with water scarcity”. Let’s save that small drop to make the difference.

World Water Day celebrated on 22nd March was designated by the UN General Assembly in 1992 “to draw attention to the critical lack of clean, safe drinking water world wide”.

A retired government officer, former trade unionist and occupational safety & health management consultant based in Rodrigues Islands, Alfa King (real name: Amanoola Khayrattee) is a bilingual contributor to This Week News (http://thisweeknews.info). He has been editor of trade union newsletter and has contributed articles for various in-house magazines, publications, and the local press. He blogs since 2007, and when he is not reading or surfing on the internet, he is hiking over an 8-km-daily routine.
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