Alfa King Memories is a recollection of stories about people, day to day life, world affairs and any issues relating to writing in general including freelance writing and journalism; fiction, non-fiction; meteorology, climate change; occupational safety, health and welfare; trade union and industrial relations; environment; and general economic and political issues.

It aims at providing a platform for free interaction and sharing of knowledge, experiences and memories with a view to honing one’s writing.

About the blogger:

Alfa King (alfaking) is his pseudo. Avid reader, news items in particular; the love for writing flows in his veins since his secondary schooling. Journalism, non-fiction writing, reporting, specialist articles in his field of competence, internet writing and blogging are his main areas of interest. The feel of fiction is finding its way, slowly but surely.

A professional in the field of occupational safety & health and personnel management & industrial relations, with a background in meteorological issues, a past trade unionist for 15 years, and member of professional organisations, local and international, Alfa King has participated in various seminars, workshops and conferences. He’s been editor of trade union newsletter, and contributed articles to various in-house magazines.

C P D, Continuing Professional Development like C P R, Cardio-Pulmonary Rescusitation has a whole more significance to him: Commitment, Professionalism and Dedication on one hand, and Consistency, Probity and Reliability on the other.

Obstacles offer him opportunities for renewed vigour towards success. Fond of frank and honest discussions, he agrees to disagree. Opinion matters, not the person. Fervent believer in knowledge sharing. Never knows all.

With a multidisciplinary approach he is that versatile being in constant quest for state-of-the-art knowledge, skills and technology. Perseverant and responsible; procrastination is not his cup of tea.

Location: Mauritius

Contact:  [email protected]