Fish Bone down my Throat

I spent one night at the ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) hospital (ex-Royal Navy) at Vacoas yesterday. A fish bone got stuck in my throat at dinner time. That was a fine bone of a small fish called “vielle rouge”.

I was having dinner unusually late. My system was still on the old clock while we stepped into summer time last week. We tried old granny’s method, taking lumps of dry bread and rice, to get it out; no success. The bone was indeed stubborn. My son drove me to the hospital.

The doctor could not locate the intruder in my throat. “Sorry,” he said “you’ll have to stay.” I had no option. After the formalities an attendant brought me to the male ward. A nurse then brought me to Queen Victoria hospital at Candos for an x-ray. When I came back at the ENT ward it was already past 11.00 pm.

The ENT specialist examined me in this morning. “Lay down on the couch,” he said in a hard voice while he asked the nurse to bring the tools. “Tilt your head backwards and open your mouth.”

I couldn’t bear the presence of the forceps in my mouth. It’s nauseating and I was indeed uncomfortable. “Please understand that you must co-operate else we’ll need to resort to complete anesthesia,” said one nurse. “And this is not without risks.”

I started getting more apprehensive. But I controlled myself. I took a deep breath and relaxed. The surgeon drove the forceps down the throat after a couple of attempts. I yelled with pain. “How do you feel, Sir?” he asked.

I sat up and made a swallowing gesture. There was no more pricking sensation. “OK, you can go home now,” the surgeon uttered in a smile. He prescribed some antibiotics and painkillers. I was relieved to be discharged.

It was my first stay in a hospital. I always dread staying in hospitals. Those who’ve had such experience will tell you how uncomfortable it is to be amidst patients whining with pain and snoring at night, especially when you are struggling to sleep. And when you have to go for washing it’s yet another chore.

Any experience out there?

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  1. Ooohh you have my sympahy! I had a crisp stuck in my throat earlier this year and had to go to hospital. They placed a camera up my nose and into my throat only to discover the crisp had gone but it had made a cut in the way – hence the pain.

    Now, though, I have had repeated nose bleeds and sinus infections in the nasal passage that the medicsl instruments went up and since then I have had to endure three nose cauterisations due to uncontrollable nose bleeds… and they call themselves doctors!

  2. I am always worried when eating fish of this happening to me. I dread the day….

    You sharing this with us made me feel very sorry for you in having to go through it and makes me want to be even more careful when I am eating fish 🙂

  3. I too experienced the same thing last poyaday. I did not go to the Doctor on the same day. I slept with the fish bone as there was no body to take me to the Dr. as my kids were small to leave alone.

    After they went to school I drove myself alone to the Golden Key Hospital Rajagiriya. Luckily the ENT specialist, Dr. Sobitha was there. I was in pain. But nobody was there to share the pain. Doctor wihout hesitation did not take even five minutes using his usual ENT apparatus and the forceps took the fish bone out. You would not believe me.. it is just 1 inch in size. What Doctor asked me was ” How you spent the night with this bone?… Only.. God.. knows.. I replied.
    Thank you very much Dr. Golden Key Hospital, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka

    Mrs Indumathi Liyanage

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