Blogging and Earning Income Online – Interview with Skellie

You’ve just started blogging or you already are in the sphere, perhaps at a crossroad. A number of questions are haunting your mind. You want to write freelance but you can’t figure out whether it’s feasible. Or you might also be wondering whether you can earn some income online while blogging.

Well, your worries are legitimate. Don’t be shy about them. It’s a good sign when you start questioning yourself. The bottom line is there’s an answer to every question and we’ll try to find out together from the horse’s mouth. Who can best tell us than those who are already experienced and have earned some authority in the blogosphere?

In this interview I’ll talk to a renowned figure in the blogging world. Someone who has made a name for the passion she has for “creating web content on a wide variety of topics”. One who sticks to a fairly regular schedule. I’m referring to Skellie, author of Skelliewag and Anywired.

Skellie has written a number of authoritative articles and tutorials about blogging, and working and earning income online. She’s also a guest blogger for other no less reputable and professional blogs like Problogger, Freelance Switch and Daily Blog Tips. She has a unique voice and provides insightful and innovative ideas about blogging with the audience in mind. She is sharp, pertinent and has a sense of direction.

Are you ready? So let’s welcome our guest of the day.

Alfa King: Hello, welcome to Alfa King Memories. Thank you very much for having accepted to be interviewed despite your heavy schedule. Could you please introduce yourself and the services you offer?

Skellie: My name is Skellie and I run two blogs: Anywired (about working and earning an income online) and Skelliewag (a unique blog about blogging). I’m also a freelancer writer at several other blogs, which allows me to work entirely online.

Alfa King: Ok, but how do you manage with so much commitment, maintaining two blogs and writing for others? How do you reconcile quality with quantity?

Skellie: A lot of what is technically work for me feels like free time. I enjoy writing posts and doing blog related stuff, so I largely avoid the problem of procrastination. I make sure I know what I need to do each day and I do it in order of importance. It’s not GTD but it seems to work OK :-).

Alfa King: From what I’ve gathered reading your blog it’d seem you left your job to rely fully on online income. A courageous and calculated move, no doubt; because I’ve read about people saying “Oh, but that’s enough only for the utility bills”. Can anyone earn a living online?

Skellie: It’s not for everyone. You got to have daily and extended internet access, which is difficult for some. You’ve also got to be pretty comfortable with the internet and technology. Self-motivation is another essential characteristic, because there’s nobody standing over your shoulder to make sure that you’re doing work. If you have those three things, I think it’s entirely possible, but it seems to suit entrepreneurial types best.

Alfa King: What next, after Skelliewag and Anywired? Any books in the pipeline?

Skellie: I’d like to write an eBook or/and a self-published paperback to compliment Skelliewag, but that isn’t really ‘in’ the pipeline yet. It’s hovering around the entrance to the pipeline but has yet to put a foot in, so to speak ;-).

Alfa King: Every blogger aims somehow to gain popularity and authority. If you had to, what advice would you give to someone embracing the blogosphere?

Skellie: I think the most important bit of advice I can give in a single sentence is to define your target audience and focus on being as useful as possible to them. That’s a really useful guiding principle to have.

Alfa King: Thank you once again, Skellie. It was nice talking to you. I do hope that your experience and advice will serve as inspiration to would-be bloggers and anyone interested in blogging. I look forward to the pleasure of further collaboration with you in the future. Cheers.

Skellie: Thanks Alfa! It’s my pleasure.

There you are folks. I hope you make something out of it. If you have anything still flickering in your mind, please let me know. The comment box is there for you. Use it. Explode it.


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