Long weekend amidst sadness and joy

This week was a short one with only three days’ work. We have two consecutive public holidays: tomorrow is All Saints’ Day and on Friday we celebrate the arrival of indentured labourers in the early colonization period. And of course Saturday and Sunday we are off.

But I am squeezed in between today and tomorrow, between sadness and joy. Usually 31st October is somewhat sad for our family. It’s the death anniversary of one of my sons (he passed away 24 hours after his birth – 23 years ago). 1st November on the other hand is merrier. It’s my wedding anniversary. So we are not sure whether to mourn or to make merry. We got to organise ourselves for both, anyway.

It also happens that my youngest brother, who was on holiday for some three weeks after nearly seven years, is going back to his new homeland in Montreal on 1st November.

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