Best of Alfa King Memories 2007

Inspired by some well-established bloggers I’m tempted to make a list of the “Best of 2007”. I started in March on a day that means a lot to my country. It was the 39th Independence Day, which reminds us of the struggle for freedom from colonial rule.

For me it was a moment of great inspiration to take up the challenge as blogger. The journey has been very passionate, enriching and indeed challenging. Two posts have particularly marked me. And they are the ones which I’d list as the best for the year.

First, it’s the INTERVIEW with freelance writer, editor and coach, Nick Daws, which was a real test case for me.

Secondly, from a sentimental point of view, I’m very much attached to Tribute to my beloved Dad.

However I consider it appropriate to list the best selections by month. Here they are:

(i) Sweet is thy beauty, sweet is thy fragrance, O motherland of mine
(ii) Studying the Poles to unveil global impacts
(iii) When angels break…
(iv) Survivor of the gallows

(i) Climate and weather impacts on human health
(ii) Volcanic gases – Is Mauritius under threat?
(iii) The racing season is back
(iv) Hepatitis Awareness
(v) Reading… and writing… for pleasure
(vi) May Day

(i) INTERVIEW with freelance writer, editor and coach, Nick Daws
(ii) Trade Union Outcry
(iii) Eight missing after tidal waves hit the Mascarenes
(iv) Habits of daily, scheduled writing vs good writing habits
(v) Is a writing qualification essential?
(vi) Mother’s Day or Business’ Day?
(vii) Smoke-free environments

(i) Self-publishing v traditional publishing
(ii) Women bashing?
(iii) Is there something like a strong password?
(iv) When the media hurts
(v) Getting started writing a book

(i) Sweet and Sour
(ii) Released… after 114 days of living nightmare
(iii) Childhood Asthma Probe
(iv) Grammar, punctuation and spelling – Do they really matter?
(v) Mineral wells in Mauritian waters

(i) Tribute to my beloved Dad
(ii) NRPT – the agony of taxpayers
(iii) Independent Mauritius: A brief historical perspective
(iv) Writers’ questions answered
(v) A glimpse of the evolution of Health & Safety Legislation in Mauritius

(i) Employee Rights and Employee Relations: new laws in pipeline
(ii) Father Laval’s Day
(iii) Muslims in purge
(iv) Tsunami alert

(i) Trade Unions maintain pressure over ERB
(ii) Long weekend amidst sadness and joy

(i) Indians celebrate Divali
(ii) Labor and industrial relations reforms to be reconsidered
(iii) Information Sheet on Diabetes
(iv) Media and trade unions under scrutiny?
(v) Writing for free?
(vi) Beginner or professional?
(vii) Check out Wakish Wonderz

(i) About success
(ii) You do not need a college degree to be a writer
(iii) A few more things about success
(iv) Most valuable commenter
(v) Do you value value-packed content?
(vi) No more hope from Celina – 7 things you can do
(vii) Duping children with the myth of Santa Claus

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Thank you. All the best.


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