Have you ever asked yourself what’s the best day of the week for you? Silly question, isn’t it? OK, let’s put it this way, which day of the week you envy most? What’s the point? I bet, no day of the week is the best or the worst.

Those who have a 9 to 4 job (in some countries 9 to 5 or still 8 to 5…) will envy the week end, like me. But the weekend has two days, Saturday and Sunday. The question I asked is which day, not days or time of the week.

From the religious point of view, Jews will prefer Saturday (Sabbath day); Muslims Friday (Jummah prayer); Christians Sunday (most masses are held on Sundays); and Hindus usually Thursday, the day of the week they normally fast.

OK, we are not all religious. So let’s take it from another viewpoint. During weekdays you got to get up early for work, with all the rush that it implies, bakery, preparation of lunch basket, looking after the children’s schooling matters, and so on. We are left with Saturday and Sunday. It depends on what you want to do.

In my case even on Sundays I’ve got to get up early. The market is held early morning every Sunday, lest I want to wait another week for the vegetables, and bear the wife’s gibes a whole week. And Sunday is also a day when most of the time I have to attend services, weddings or other socio-cultural activities. The only occasion that I can lie-in is Saturday. You got it?

That’s the day of the week when my laziness is at its peak. I had a nice day, a good rest, and of course my brain also was at a stand still. That’s why I love my Saturday and why I’ve just been blabbering.

One last thing before I stop my blab, I can hear your “stop it!” and I hope you bear with me just one more second, today (April 14) is also Tamil New Year. Happy Varusha Pirappu!

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