Motivated to write?

Writing is not like any other career. You need to love writing and be motivated to write consistently. You learn writing most of the time the hard way. This can never be over-stated.

Reading interviews of established and working writers, learning from their views and getting inspirations from their thoughts are what can get you motivated to write if you are thinking about writing as a career.

You remember some time back I interviewed an established writer, Nick Daws? If not, you can read about it here. Well, Nick has been interviewed again, this time by an American journalist A. Brewster Smythe for the Associated Content website.

In this interview they examine and discuss issues like the influence of the “new media” on the “print media”, the challenges facing newspapers, and whether a degree is needed for a writing career.

Nick seems to share my thought on the controversy about academic degree which I discussed in one of my previous posts. “Many of the world’s best writers have been self-taught or followed non-academic paths”, he says.

Nick also tells about how he began to write correspondence courses.

You can access Nick’s interview from here.

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