Give…a drop of life!

Let us stop a moment in remembrance of the millions of anonymous, voluntary and unpaid people who donate their blood to save lives and to improve the health of others around the world. Let us recognize their efforts for a good cause. Let us thank them from the bottom of our heart for their altruism on the occasion of the World Blood Donor Day celebrated on June 14 every year.

Giving blood is saving life. Blood is never in excess. Someone somewhere needs some blood to remain alive. The importance of regular blood donation can never be overemphasized. A regular and timely supply of safe blood is vital for victims of accidents, women giving births and others requiring urgent surgical care.

There’s no race, no creed, no color, neither rich nor poor. Shortage of safe blood accounts for more than half a million deaths every year among women as a result of complications leading to severe bleeding during delivery. Although 99% of maternal deaths occur in developing countries with about 34% in Africa, 31% in Asia and more than 21% in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Countries around the world will focus on the theme for this year: Safe Blood for Safe Motherhoodto highlight the life-saving role of safe blood donation transfusion in maternal and perinatal care”. The celebrations are sponsored by four international organizations working to promote voluntary blood donation:

– World Health Organization
– International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations
– International Society of Blood Transfusion

Blood donation campaigns are on. Don’t forget that little drop, it can save a life.

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