Hats off!

Some time back I wrote about Journalism as a dangerous occupation I think it’d be proper to come back to it on this World Press Freedom Day celebrated since 1993.

The press is often viewed as the negative force against those in power. Maybe that’s why many of them suffer the fate of being kidnapped, ill-treated, tortured and even killed. The case of Alan Johnston, BBC correspondent in Gaza, who is missing since 12 March is a case among many of serious outrage to the media people.

But it cannot be denied; journalists and the media do play a major role in the consolidation of democracies and in the socio-economic development of nations around the world. Without them many stories (real-life) would have remained untold, for ever. I have in mind those who risk their lives bringing us the live events in times of war and conflict; Iraq, Palestine, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, are but a few of the lands where anybody would fear to tread, not journalists.

They indeed deserve our praise on this day. Hats off!

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