It’s Carnival Time Again!

The New Year sets the pace. Just another series of carnivals where Alfa King Memories has been featured since December. Here’s the list:

1) Enhancing your authority is featured in Successful Blogging Principles for 2008 at The Next 45 Years

2) Booze off with SMART resolutions is listed in the Happiness section of the Personal Development & Happiness Carnival #24 at Slow down Fast

3) Blogging year, against all odds appears in three carnivals:

(i) Just Write BlogCarnival (edition seven) in the section Blogging/Journaling at Incurable Disease of Writing
 (ii) the January 10, 2008 edition of carnival of the vanities at Conservative Political News – BETA Version of Site
 (iii) Writers Block carnival under blogs at Writers from across the blogosphere
(iv) Personal Stories of Change Blog Carnival: Edition 13 at I will change your

4) Which comes first, Christmas or New Year? is listed in the Carnival of Family Life – Christmas Edition at Colloquium in the Family Humor section

5) No more hope from Celina 7 things you can do is mentioned in The Special Holiday Edition Of The Carnival Of Cities at An American in Oslo

That’s all folks. I hope that makes sense. See you at the next series.

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