Life’s like that

Here am I, after the weekend break. A little bit more refreshed? Not so sure. No real rest though. Been catching up with the news, and thought I’d share some with you.

I’ve been particularly appalled by the torturous treatment inflicted upon Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and his partisans by Robert Mugabe’s Government in Zimbabwe. Can we speak about human rights? Reminds us of the tyrannical reigns of Hitler, Mobuto, Saddam Hussein, to name a few. But he can’t stop the world from denouncing his undemocratic attitude

Anyway, here in Mauritius there’s still no news about the 16 fishermen since 24 February when cyclone Gamede hit the region. King Fish II, one of the two fishing boats, was found lifeless near Ile aux cocos of the St Brandon group. The other boat King Fish V hasn’t been located yet. A couple of life jackets and other related items still to be identified were found several hundred kilometers away. These vessels belong to Hassen Taher Seafoods, a well-known fishing company in the country. Search and rescue haven’t yielded any clue yet.

What else? Yep…A pupil of about 11 has spelt panic in a primary school. Parents and teachers are staging protests for his expulsion or transfer elsewhere. He’d threatened school children and hurt one of his classmates with a pair of scissors. The boy is known for his aggressive behaviour even against adults. Enough is enough, they say.

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