Magnificent Manchester

Sir Alex Ferguson’s Red devils were simply irresistible yesterday. After an away 2-1 defeat last week, they did a superb show home at Old Trafford against A S Roma in the current UEFA Champions League. Manchester United literally crushed A S Roma by a final 7-1 score. Never before, especially at a quarter-fiinal.

I am not a football fan. I prefer a documentary. But I do often keep my sons’ company whenever their favorite team is playing. And I have to keep quiet; no advance comments on the players’ performance. It happens often that when a scorer is heading with an attack I shout goooaaal before the shot; and the ball goes away, much to the disappointment of my sons.

Yesterday we were watching not Manchester United; it wasn’t being broadcast live on our channel; but instead Chelsea against Valencia in the same league. It wasn’t long after our attention was focused on what was not being shown. The MBC (Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation) interrupted the show hardly ten minutes later, and then every two minutes or so, to announce three successive goals of the Red devils in about eight minutes. And the match ended with an overwhelming score. My sons regretted not having been able to watch the brilliant performance of their team. But their joy was at its peak at the end of the match.

Mauritians have great interest in external football, especially English soccer. Local football has long lost its shine. We got lots of fans, mainly for Liverpool and Manchester United. And it is this confrontation that people are eager to see if these two teams happen to make it to the finals. Manchester United is already qualified for the semi-finals and we’ll see what happens with Liverpool in the days to come.

So folks that’s it from me although my hobby is not sports. I made it just to please my sons so they don’t feel the loneliness of a mid-night show. And when I was wondering what to write about today, my elder told me: “Dad, you can talk about my team’s crushing victory. Can’t you?”

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