Only fine drops

The so-much-awaited rain hasn’t arrived yet. It is now expected tonight and tomorrow with moderate intensity with the approach of the depression which has been named Celina this morning. There’s still some hope for the reservoirs and agriculture as well. However some fine drops have moistened the ground a little bit. But it’s still hot and dry.

Celina is now a moderate tropical depression. It passed over Rodrigues today and brought considerable amount of rainfall there: more than 100 mm. At 4.00 pm it was centred at about 350 kms to the east of our island and is moving in a general south westerly direction at about 15 kilometres per hour.

The associated cloud bands are influencing the weather without significant rainfall. The winds blowing from the south are of the order of 25 to 30 km/h with peaks expected around 60 km/h.

Celina is the third depression of the season which is expected to be less active.

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