Rain at last!

The new year crept in with new hopes as far as the weather over here is concerned. It’s been too dry and hot during the last few months. Enough. The absence of rain coupled with high evaporation rate has considerably depleted our reservoirs. December did bring but a few drops of rain, although Celina passed by with little significance.

But the new year heralds well. On the very first day we had about 2 inches of rain. Cloud masses started to grow in the region and led to the formation of low pressure systems in the vicinity.

After a short break as from the 2nd January, the downpour has taken up again since yesterday. Figures available from the local weather services indicate about 2 inches of rainfall around the main reservoir. In some regions more than 4 inches were recorded. But these do not seem sufficient for replenishing the reservoirs, which are still well below their capacity. The authorities are still worried about the water distribution and management strategies.

The cloud bands associated with the low pressure system which passed to the west of Mauritius last night are still extending over the region. We do expect some more inches by tomorrow.

This time of the year is crucial for our water collection and management. It’s during this time that we can expect the most significant falls to allow the reservoirs to tune up to their full capacity. It’s during this time also that the drought is most dreaded. The big dark clouds haven’t shown themselves yet. There’s still some hope, until March.



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