Settled and Healthier

Nearly two months since I came back from Rodrigues. It was somewhat hectic but I have managed to settle down smoothly in the normal daily routine. You remember when I first wrote from Hill in the Sea in February I pledged to throw at least four kilos by the end of my stay there? Any guess how much I lost? I left Rodrigues on 8 August with three kilos less. But you’ll be amazed I’ve gone down another three kilos since then.

While many people thrive with various slimming and weight loss strategies often at onerous costs, I chose the natural way, healthier and with no extra penny. Just do what you are capable of and don’t rely too much on the over-the-counter formulae which will do no more than deplete your purse, slowly but surely. So what did I do? Simple. No magic formula.

I adopted a health regime with respect to my bodily constitution, which I maintained after my return from Rodrigues. Believe me, as simple as it might appear, it worked. I made it a point to do the following on a sustained basis:

– walking (briskly at least an hour on each occasion) four to six kilometers;
– swimming;
– avoiding oily and fried foods;
– cutting down on rice and all that make heavy meals;
– favouring raw salads and boiled veggies;
– reducing salt content, and avoiding it altogether where possible; and
– above all keeping regular medical follow up.

One more thing: I don’t drink or smoke. All for a healthier lifestyle.

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