The rain halted … the sun came … and the wind followed…

The winter season is drawing to its end. Last week we had typical transitional weather to summer. The sun was there throughout the week; still branches and leaves, and above all, not a single drop of rain. It was really comfortable.

As we got closer to the weekend, it started getting somewhat cold with the approach of an anticyclone, from the south as usual. It’s supposed to be the last in the series. This time it was “dry”, the reason why we didn’t have so much the sensation of cold. The sky was cloudy throughout on Saturday; the weather became windy during the night and remained so on Sunday until yesterday. Night temperature is ranging between 13 and 15 degrees Celsius; it’s not expected to be lower for the rest of the season.

July and August are usually the coldest of the year and we do hope, in the days to come, we’ll have to put away for good our pulls and scarves and heavy blankets. By Thursday the wind is expected to subside and the influence of the relatively cold weather will go on diminishing. At least, that’s what the local Meteorological Services are forecasting.

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