There’s Much More in Truth

Throughout our life we are told to be true to ourselves and others. For truth always triumphs as goes the saying. My late father used to say that whenever you feel like you are in a dilemma, be on the side of truth. Assimilating truth is not an easy thing. It always hurts. It is always bitter to be confronted to a situation (especially when it is clear that it is the plain truth, not mere fabricated assertions) where one would otherwise have interest in dissimulating it. That’s why, in an attempt to try to suppress that truth, a targeted person, more often than not, will react in a disparaging manner and indulge in mud-slinging.

They may have recourse to every move in a hallucinated gesture to create diversions aimed at harassing and humiliating the truth teller, and hindering the effect of the uttered words reflecting the reality of a situation. But they fail to realize that truth can never be denied. It may reveal itself late. But it will surface out somehow some time.

So much energy will be deployed to counteract the truth or a genuinely truthful situation; while that same energy could be harnessed to dig into the pertinence of the statement/s with a view to bringing about corrective measures, if warranted, in the given circumstances. They could spare the same effort in an endeavour to solve more important and more urgent issues rather than getting caught in gossips and futile discussions. If only they could see the positive side of the affirmations.

Very often people resort to selective sight and thinking.  They’ll, for instance, see only one side of the coin. They’ll tend to limit themselves to an insider view of things. They’ll think in a way that is to their own credit. They’ll set the rules of the game to their own advantage. This is an archaic approach. We should give the devil his due. We should learn to see and think from outside the box. The world is a global reality. We need to have a global view of things. And gauge the merits of what’s being said, however bitter it may seem.

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