Thank God it’s Friday; for those who pray and for those who play. What about those who write? Happy with two days beyond the 9 to 4 schedule? To catch up, to make stocks, or to clear the clutters?

Indlala (remember the cyclone I was talking about) weakened a little as it made landfall on the Malagasy Republic (Madagascar) yesterday morning. But we just learnt it caused considerable damage. The northern part is severely affected. While here, in Mauritius, the weather is fine at the moment.

Well, what else? Don’t say I’m boasting my country. Just to mention that Mauritius has been classified among the most competitive tourist destinations, reports say. It’s not the cyclones that’d discourage tourist influx; for sure.

Tourism is the third pillar of the economy after the Export Processing Zone, manufacturing sector and Agriculture. Accounting for more than 18 billion Rupees (more than 600 million USD), it makes a significant contribution to the economic growth. Tourist arrivals have been on the steady increase from 103 000 in 1977 to more than 800 000 today; and are expected to double in the coming years.

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