Wanna write?

It’s public holiday here. A section of the population is celebrating Ougadi – Telegu new year (Indian). It’s not unusual to get up late during holidays, especially when you aren’t celebrating. It’s the kind of moment when you don’t feel like going to the bakery. Suffice it to have a piece of bread you saved in the refrigerator the previous day. But be prepared to face the children’s grumbling. Everything has a price, anyway.

At least the wife was happy. Ummm…She had an additional pair of hands… to chop the onions, slice the meat, clear the sink…and for the chores… You do it often? We couldn’t go out, the sky turned grey as we finished our lunch and a slight rain spoiled our plan. Wife installed herself on the velvet sofa and watched her favourites, sipping a cup of black coffee. Besides the three basic channels we got six digital ones in the TNT package. What could I do? Except for the news and documentaries I’m no TV fan. Guess what? That’s the time when you cheer having a PC and an ADSL connection, a reliable one of course.

This is what I do: I browse… and browse… and browse…. checking mail and replying where applicable, reading blogs, posting comments, searching the web… I guess you do the same. Others do it. I don’t really keep tracks. Do you? But today I did as I came across the following site: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/getwriting/. It’s full of useful resources for writers and includes a mini-courses section too. Interesting indeed.

Mywriterscircle.com is another site where you can meet other (established) writers with whom you can share and learn. They are nice and easy. Believe me. But there are others as interesting as these, I’m sure.

Keep reading… and writing!

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