A few more things about success

I want to add just a few other things about success which I discussed previously. It’s been a fruitful exchange of views at Skelliewag where most, if not all, commenters have highlighted their goals and ventured into giving a definition of success as they perceive it. We can see the linkage of success to goals. Linkage there definitely is.

We may all legitimately have goals. They are pathways to success. But it’s not enough just to have goals and let things happen; they may never happen. WE should make them happen. In other words we’ve got to work towards the accomplishment of the goals we’ve set ourselves. There are some vital elements for the accomplishment of our goals that will eventually bring the success we want. I’d summarize these as follows:

We need to:
(i) have an intense desire to work towards the goal(s);
(ii) have conviction in what we are doing;
(iii) have commitment and enthusiasm to achieve the goal(s);
(iv) be dedicated in our action;
(v) indulge in hard work to make things happen; (don’t wait for things to happen)
(vi) be persistent;
(vii) be consistent;
(viii) be responsible;
(ix) have positive belief; (have inspiration not desperation); and last but not least,
(x) be prepared to give more than we expect to get.

You may add on other characteristics to these. But remember, we will achieve success only when we want it badly. Don’t rely on others to say you’ve achieved success. YOU should feel it.

So whatever the goals you’ve set for your blogs, do remember that you have to “earn” your success.

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