Blogging year, against all odds

As we are on the ebb of 2007, I wish to thank you all for your kind support and encouragement throughout. If I had to qualify this year, it’s been a blogging year for me. Reluctant at first, I threw myself in the water. I managed to remain afloat, against all odds.

It’s not a happy-go-lucky thing when you have a full time job, a family commitment and especially when you are the only bread winner. Sorry, I’m not whining. I know I’m not the only one in this situation. Bloggers are what they are, confident, perseverant, consistent, forward-looking…

When I started this blog in March I had little idea how it would fare. The idea of blogging was churning in my mind since long. But I hadn’t really planned for it. I just started out of the blue. I was wondering whether I’d be able to sustain it. I was indeed a novice and understood very little about this thing.

At first I’d write anything, trying to keep a daily schedule. Whether it was at work, home or shopping I had only one thing in my mind: what will be my next post? It was like an obsession until I realized the blood in my veins was rushing for nothing. Why should I kill myself for something that doesn’t bring any material reward? One day during a short break in my office I tried to figure out the whole issue. I resolved that I couldn’t write just for the sake of writing. So I set myself to write when I have something worth to say and to share with the world. This proved to be a positive choice.

Of course in any undertaking you have ups and downs. I was no exception; the more so as I am not an expert in the IT thing. But I didn’t let this weakness dominate my spirit to achieve. As long as my webmaster (Hi – he’ll recognize himself) is behind my back I know that I can rely upon him. I am very thankful to him for having been constantly by my side, assisting me in setting up Alfa King Memories and Le Journal d’Alfa King encouraging me all along. He would look after the technical issues while I had to concentrate more on my contents.

Le Journal d’Alfa King is my french blog and is dormant at the moment. I take a resolution to reactivate it next year.

Blogging has been a very fascinating experience. I’ve made lots of friends, albeit virtual; met quite a few established bloggers and writers. I’ve learnt a lot and still have a long way to go. Can you imagine how gratifying it is to be able to share your experiences, knowledge and skills with the world? I have every reason to be satisfied and I look forward to improve upon what I’ve acquired during this period of running in.

I am aware that many people out there make money from or through their blogs; and they encourage fellow bloggers to get into it. Some even say they’ve left their day job to concentrate full time on their online occupation. I am still wondering whether this is an area I can focus on during the coming year and whether it is really achievable in my case with the limited resources at hand. I need not mention the financial implications here, you know about them already.

To be honest, I haven’t given it any serious thought till now. I have no reason not to believe what others say. Perhaps, like me, they started from scrap. When I was setting up my blog I had in mind to hone my writing skills through sharing of knowledge and experiences in areas I am conversant. Making money was not on the agenda. Well, this could be another resolution for the coming year; if not from my blog, through it.

As we creep into the New Year I wish to extend all my best wishes to you and your dear ones for a safe and healthy year 2008. May the New Year bring lots of happiness, prosperity and success in whatever you are planning to achieve.

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