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Have you checked out Wakish Wonderz? It’s a really wonderful site with lots of step-by-step, nicely written and abundantly illustrated practical tips on a wide range of topics. From the realm of IT to writing good English and GP essays Wakish Wonderz brings you in the universe of science, technology, history, health, sports and entertainment with fun time jokes.

Wakish Wonderz is brought to you by Wakish, a professional in IT. He started timidly in February this year with hardly 2 to 3 posts. He exceptionally reached 10 in August to fall down again to 3. At that time, he had a faint idea about the blog world and the need or pleasure to write on the net. But his quest for knowledge and perfection has led him to what I’d call a professional blogger and webmaster.

Wakish has been steadily researching and constantly working on the web tools with a view to updating the design and layout to make it a really dynamic site. In this month alone he has written more than 40 posts! Well, that’s more than one post per day. On some days he posted even more than five articles. “I am never satisfied with where I am, I always aim higher; I want to be more than a niche-specific blogger; a pro-blogger with authority,” cherishes Wakish.

Wakish is always on the look out for new tips and latest tools in order to bring them to you in a simple, easy-to-read and non-technical language so that you have no problem understanding the complicated IT jargons.

Of course here I cannot list all the articles I enjoyed. But I’ll just mention a few posts which I found particularly interesting, in no particular order:

Pregnancy and exercise
Eating the right food for sexual enhancement
Writing the GP Essay – Write to convince!
Is a blog the platform you need?
Should you go with a flash-based website?
Submitting y our website to Search Engines
Did you know how diamonds are cut?
Did you know – Universe edition 1

Incidentally you might also check out the free downloads and free e-books section where you can find free tutorials/guidelines.

Wakish Wonderz welcomes discussion about writing on any topic. Get a FREE linkback from his PR4 blog by simply reviewing his blog now!

Check it out and have a nice time.

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