Divorce at…92!

Unusual story of Peter, 92 who manages to divorce his wife Madali. Yet Peter and Madali had a love marriage some 30 years ago. He was 53, she 33 when they exchanged wedding rings. Moment of intense love and passion for each other, which they lived for a short period only. A year later things started getting sour when Madali insisted to proceed to Australia. Peter accompanied her but had to come back soon to look after his business while Madali stayed longer.

Since then they’ve been living separately as Peter couldn’t leave his home and his old mother for a foreign land. He nevertheless maintained relationship because he didn’t want to break his family. They had two children, who went with their mother. In the meantime Madali effected brief visits here, but hardly lived with Peter. When she returned last year, they had a big quarrel which triggered a divorce petition, filed by Peter. And on 14 May this year the court ordered in his favour.

Divorce is not an issue only among the young. At 92 Peter says he’s relieved from the heavy burden of an isolated conjugal life. His wife has been away from him all the time.

Poor Peter, what else could he do?

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