Establish a blog and start writing!

So you want to break into writing? You are stuck somewhere? While you are still trying to juggle with your first words your neighbours are already way ahead of you. “Is there a magic formula?” You start asking yourself. “Why can’t I make it?” The hard facts are that you don’t become a writer overnight; some people end up writing although they didn’t want to; and still there are those who never become writers however they strive. You understand what I mean?

Well, don’t get complacent about it. Writing has never been so easy, so accessible, and so affordable. Numerous tools are available and we cannot deny the significant contribution of the electronic media to that effect. All we need is to get to know how we can make the best use of what is at hand. If we can learn from the experiences and the guidance of established writers and professionals in the domain, there’s no reason we can’t achieve our goals.

That is why I’d suggest you read about what a professional writer and editor has to say. “Establish a blog and start writing!” advises London-based travel writer, Caitlin Fitzsimmons. It gives “an immediate outlet and the opportunity to practise writing and get feedback from readers”.

Caitlin was interviewed by Kiwiwriter at Write to Travel blog. This interview addresses various pertinent issues about writing; and Caitlin is very firm on them. Like, for example, she doesn’t advocate “writing for free” as you’ll be “doing yourself and your profession a disservice”. And she advises you to “try to hang on to copyright”, which is quite akin to what I expressed in my previous post.

Anyone willing to get into writing, travel writing in particular, may find this interview useful. As she was interviewed for a travel writing blog, Caitlin talks extensively about travel writing, the future of travel writers and challenges of travel writing before giving us an insight of the wonderful island of Tasmania which is her favourite place.


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