Fly my butterfly

One year already, since I started and launched this blog, my first ever encounter in the blogosphere. It’s been a passionate journey into the world of writing. I do indeed have to confess, I learnt a lot from this, shall I now call it, hobby. Battling in the field of pros was kind of very exciting, enriching and above all inspiring. That’s the least I can say.

I didn’t choose to launch my blog site on the day I started it, that is on the eve of the independence and republic day of my country. “It’s a mere coincidence that I start my first blog on this auspicious occasion of our independence,” read one of the lines in my first post Figures 39 and 15 on 12 and 3, which ended with “It’s a day for me to take the first bold step…

I’m still wondering on this mathematical-puzzle-type heading, and whether it was appropriate to the story. With hindsight I find it somewhat funny. Anyway I was just taking the plunge into the ocean of letters, figures and characters. “Survive if you can, or never ever dare show yourself again,” I pledged to myself.

Bold step it was indeed; hardest for being the first. I never knew I could keep up with the rhythm: 167 posts; OK not too much, not too little either, about one post every two days on the average. Not fair enough as a part timer? Agree, at times it could’ve been all crap. But that’s what it may be like when you set off crafting.

Each moment is one where your adrenalin is at its highest. Often getting wrecked looking for the right words, gone for ever once lost. Who hasn’t had a ready-to-burst itching head? Is it always swift writing? Who can tell?

And then you realise that the stumbling blocks on your way and your never-let-go temperament are what help mould your craft with renewed vigour. That’s what brought me to where I find myself today; not much of perfect, but still better than the novice I was on the same day last year.

Would I convince you if I told you it’s damn hard work? Those who’ve been through this journey know what I mean, unless they were born bloggers or writers (Is there something like a “born” blogger or writer?) like the born “leaders”.

I wouldn’t be the blogger I am (granted I have yet a long way to go), had I not peeped in and drunk from the well of other experienced and well-established bloggers and writers, although I didn’t always leave any comment. It isn’t pretty much my thing to comment just for the sake, I’m sorry. A comment is worth when it adds value to the discussion. Skelliewag knows what I’m talking about. Skellie found in me the “most valuable commenter of the week” for my “thoughtful” comments in her “Ask the Readers: What’s Your Definition of Success?

Incidentally, you may wish to read her remarks in her subsequent post Ask the Readers: Where are the Holes in Your Leaky Bucket?

You’ll also find a reflection of the comments in my own post

From a strictly writing perspective I have been particularly impressed and inspired by renowned professionals like Darren Rouse (Pro-Blogger), Skellie (Skelliewag), Nick Daws (My Writing Blog), Linda Jones (Freelance Writing Tips), Suzanne Harris (Suzie – My Digital Desk) to name but a few; the list would be too long.

But on the technical side I have to say it loud: I am greatly indebted to my webmaster, Wakish. From the design and layout to the theme and avatar, from free to a paid hosting service with my own domain name, the credit goes to him only. He’s the one who’s been by my side, always, since the inception. His excellent workmanship and his unflinching technical support, guidance and collaboration have been determinant in the process of realising and hosting of this site. It was all Greek to me. Would it suffice to just say thank you so much Wakish? For one thing, no money can compensate for the perseverance you had in putting up things for me.

Well, folks if you find me still afloat it’s thanks to your trusted readership and support. And if you’ve been through my welcome and about pages, you should already be aware that Alfa King Memories is dedicated to sharing knowledge and experiences with a view to honing one’s writing. This is still valid today and will ever be; more so with enhanced professionalism and commitment to excellence.

One year after, am I still crawling? Or toddling? Am I, like my country, able to stand on my own feet? You know, one can never be objective towards oneself. You people are better placed to gauge how I’ve been faring. So use my comment box. Tell me how I can improve. More than a stumbling-block, criticism is for me a propellant, a stepping-stone, keep this in mind.

How will I rate the success of my blog? I don’t have a straightforward answer. I’d define success in terms of the extent of feeling of satisfaction and recognition I derive in the step-by-step realization of the goal I’ve set. It’s a passionate journey, as I said at the beginning, and each day is a fulfilment in itself, a success for my blog.

I’ll end up with Gabry PONTE’s My Butterfly lyrics:

Fly or never fly, across the sky fly forever fly my butterfly fly or never fly,
across the sky fly forever fly my butterfly every time I close my eyes
I can fly across the sky I spread my wings I feel fine I see my world so blue
and no doubts I’d seel my life for a dream come true
live one day and then I’ll die like a butterfly. I fly, I fly, I fly



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