Free Multi-Media Blogging Course – My evaluation

You’d recall in my post the other day I mentioned about the free multi-media course on blogging from the folks at Simpleology. I committed myself to let you know what I think about it once I’d have checked it out. I’ve gone through it and here’s what I have retained:

  1. Once you go to the Simpleology page, you have to follow some steps before you can access the course.
  2. The first one urges you to copy and paste a code on a blog post on your blog.
  3. Then you need to confirm that you’ve done so by giving them the related URL for them to verify.
  4. After which you’ll need to follow another series of steps involving signing up with Simpleology, which will allow you access to their pages.
  5. There’s a series of offers and downloads which you need not necessarily accept. It’s not a pre-requisite to view the course. But you have to go through the steps before you can reach the course page.
  6. Then you reach one of the pages of the Simpleology “WebCockpit”, with the label “Daily Targets” as heading on the top left hand corner. If you look in the right-hand column you’ll see the blogging course under the heading “Electives”.

Well, I must confess the steps were indeed a real chore. But it’s the price you got to pay if you want to have a free stuff, worth checking.

What can I say? The course is indeed interesting and enriching for anyone contemplating to set up a blog. But others with already a blog will find it useful too; sort of reminder for any improvement. There are 15 lessons, each on an average of five minutes, which you can access in audio files. Alongside there’s an interactive quiz which allows you to test how you understood the topics dealt with. You have also the option to download and print the course as a PDF file.

It’s a very simple easy-to-understand-and-follow course, packed with tips starting from what a blog is all about, how you can create your blog using the various soft wares available, promoting your blog, making money from your blog… you know, things like that.

All in all I’ll say it’s very well presented, straightforward and professional. It’s worth taking a peek and grabbing your copy while it’s still free. You may also browse the other pages and see what’s in there for you, if interested. You may also leave the site without any obligation.

That’s what I had to say about it. If you happen to check it, do let me know what you think about it, either in my comment box or via my contact page. After all, my blog is all about sharing knowledge and experiences.



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