Getting started writing a book

Everybody wants to become a writer. Everybody cherishes his name in print. But you got to start somewhere. Every beginner often gets stuck right at the start. He’s lost. The first step is the hardest, isn’t it?

Is writing a big deal? …Ummhh. That’s a big question. It depends. Perhaps not for those I’d call erudite. For others, especially beginners, it’s kind of “Ooohh… But how do I get started?” These are the ones that need to do something. What? We’ll try to find out together.

Many writers find it difficult to sit down and write everyday. But that’s just what you have to do if you want to be a writer. So much time is often wasted doing nothing or just dwelling on non-constructive thoughts and activities. If only these times could be used to concentrate on the writer that you want to be, you’ll realize that in the end it may not be that big deal to get started writing a book and getting it published.

I just came across two articles written by Sid Smith at Write and Publish Your Book:
(i) “How to Write a Book: Steps For The Beginner”; and
(ii) “Want to Write a Book? You’d Better Start Now”.

Sid Smith gives an insight on how you can go about writing a book in simple terms. Here’s in brief what you need to do to get started:

1. Invest. Invest time and money in developing and improving your writing skills. No one becomes a writer overnight.
2. A writing class or tuition is essential to learn the lingoes.
3. Read books about writing.
4. Writers’ groups or online forums for writers are very helpful. There are many. Find out the appropriate ones and join them. I belong to one,, where you may interact with many established writers eager to help. You can even submit a piece for professional comments.
5. Equip yourself with the tools required for writing. Basically you’d need editing software.
6. Plan your writing and write. Keep to a strict writing schedule.
7. Keep aloof from time wasters. Just write. Write every single day. That’s what serious writers do.

So sitting down and doing the writing is all about writing that book you so much cherish.

Don’t give up.

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