Is this writer’s block?

Today I don’t feel like being able to put something down on paper. Really, I don’t have any idea what to write about. I want to, but I can’t. Probably I’m too much worried about finding something to write; something to add to my blog.

No, it’s not the cyclone. It’s quite aloof; nearly hitting the north-eastern coast of the Malagasy Republic.

I’ve always thought of writing. I love writing. I want to write… every day. As former member of trade union and professional organizations I’ve often been in the secretarial position. Obviously this involves considerable amount of writing: report writing; preparing plans; writing memoranda; letters, agenda for meetings and the rest.

Hey! Wait. I forgot. I’ve even contributed and edited articles for in-house magazines; produced technical papers, and submitted comments on various topics to governmental and non-governmental organizations.

That’s how I got the love for writing.

But today… well, sincerely, I feel blocked.

It is said that when the words just won’t come together, when they are simply “stuck” and you can’t think of anything to write, this is writer’s block.

Does this apply to me? Oh! Heaven! We often say: “Oh, this won’t happen to me; mishaps always hit “others”. Not to us. That can’t be me.

Well, whatever it is, I need to do something. I won’t give up altogether. No way. That would be a BIG mistake. I won’t persist either. I just want to tell you about it. It helps, they say. That’s why I’m writing this piece. To heal myself.

And if it’s really a writer’s block, then I’ll sit back and relax a bit; I’d better take a break for a little while; and revert back to you, God willing, tomorrow. Cheers.

Sorry, just a minute, please. Hurrah…. I made it. I can’t believe, I wrote more than 300 words! Right here, right now. Write here, write now. This is what inspired me.

Writer’s block, you said?


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