It’s a poor workman who blames his tool

How often obstacles befall us and we start grumbling. We’re out blaming others, our family, our job, our friends…. well, name it… for things we’re not able to do. We seldom realize it might be something within us that is acting as a roadblock, preventing us from going ahead, achieving our goals.

The other day when I was stuck (you remember my posting “is this writer’s block?), my head was spinning like I don’t know what. I kicked everything out on my way; my office chair flitted at a hit; and I had it for a bruise. It’s my blog’s doomsday, I thought. Crushed in the egg?

I didn’t lose hope however. A short break, a retreat in my study, I sat back quietly; meditated; and tried to figure things out. I stretched my arms; and my legs; and giggled. I just followed an old friend’s advice. Minutes later, and it’s no magic, I felt the nervousness dripping down as the sweat dried up.

You know what? Over-commitment; my watch was against me. I came back late from office. I’ve been breaking my head about the next item for my blog. Turns out I had to attend to an urgent call; not only that, but had to rush to the supermarket for some sundries. Oh! You can never turn down your wife. Can you? Should you? My mind was jammed; mental clutter, you’d say?

Flexibility and contingent planning are vital in such situations. Rather than becoming frustrated, disappointed or distressed when problems arise, we better look at them, from another angle, in serenity. The solution may be there, staring at you.

So just keep cool; shrug; deal with them as though you expected them; stay calm, take a fresh look; and get back to your business. Above all… stop blaming the world.


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