Most valuable commenter

I am very much honored and pleased to have been chosen as the “most valuable commenter” of the week at Skelliewag’s blog.

Here’s what Skellie has to say on the comments I made in her ‘Ask the Readers’ section about success (and which I posted here also for your attention): “Though we disagreed in our ideas about success, this week’s most valuable commenter is Alfa King, who blogs about writing. He provided thoughtful answers in the thread and expanded them on his own blog. I particularly liked his blueprint of what we need to do in order to be successful.” And she reproduces the ten vital elements I listed for the accomplishment of our goals that will eventually bring the success we want.

Each week’s favorite commenter is eligible to participate in the running “to win a one-month featured spot in the sidebar at Skelliewag”. I am the third contestant on the list so far. Skellie says she’ll “be judging that winner at the end of December, depending on their continued participation in the ‘Ask the Readers’ discussions”.

If you’d like to be featured in a post at Skelliewag (or go into the running to win a sidebar link) just participate in the weekly discussion. This week’s question is: “Where are the Holes in Your Leaky Bucket?” “For the sake of illustration,” explains Skellie “try to think of yourself as a leaky bucket (hopefully something you don’t do too often). The little holes in the bucket are flaws, mistakes, areas in need of improvement. The water represents lost opportunities.

Good luck to all.

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