My Son’s Journey to PHP

Starting from scratch to being the founder of the PHP Mauritius Users Group: it takes a lot of determination, conviction and commitment. Wasseem Khayrattee had the least knowledge he would make it to the IT world. Before joining university he had a predilection for algebra. But when I proposed to enroll him for the IT course he took the plunge. That was way back in 2003.

Wasseem Khayrattee has just been featured in one of the most famous PHP magazines worldwide, The PHP Architect, “a magazine for developers, by developers.” In an interview in the Community Corner of the November 2021 issue he depicts his journey and talks about what his new universe is all about. He has created a brand for himself, the 7PHP, the “new voice on Voices of the elePHPant”.

I learn with much pride from his interview that my quest for knowledge and fondness for writing and blogging (at a time when I was nil in computer technology and the internet world) was what motivated him to take real interest in doing what would become his main focus: the PHP community.

Wasseem Khayrattee started as a Junior Software Developer and progressed through various positions to country manager and Chief Digital Officer in local and international companies. He is now Senior WordPress developer for a South African branch of Ringier AG, global company.

Proud of you my son. Keep it up. Wish you plenty of success in your journey where every step is a decisive one.

Here’s a link to the magazine:…/community-corner-interview…/

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