News round-up

The tsunami alert was lifted at around 11.00 am today. A series of aftershocks, the latest one recorded at around 4.00 am, warranted the maintenance of a state of vigilance in Mauritius. No major incident was recorded as the population seems to have followed the instructions. And the dreaded tsunami did not show up, although waves of about one metre were recorded at Rodrigues islands and of about 40 cm in Mauritius, not significant enough to cause panic. No doubt the authorities have managed the situation excellently well. The population was updated regularly on the evolution of the situation through radio and TV communiqués.


Just as a follow up to my “Muslims in purge”, Ramadhan started today. The moon was visible yesterday evening as expected. Muslims here and in other parts of the world had their first fasting today. 29 more are left. The first day was quite cool here with a rainy weather.


A sugar lorry overturned this morning on the highway to Port Louis. It left the lane to land topsy-turvy on the other side of the carriageway. Several tons of sugar was spilt on the highway. This caused a huge traffic jam and a lot of inconvenience to road users during the whole day. The driver and his helper were seriously injured. Police inquiry is on to look into the circumstances of the accident.

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