Press targeted as India commemorates its 60th year of independence

A group of activists attacked Outlook magazine’s office in Mumbai, India yesterday. The magazine had featured an article wherein the name of their party chief appeared in the list of so-called “villains”, enough to offend them, they claimed.

The magazine’s editor deplored this attack as an attempt to silence the press, especially at a moment when India is commemorating its 60th Independence Day. “This is a blatant attack on the freedom of the press,” he said.

A party spokesman denied this attack was perpetrated by its partisans. While conceding they burned copies of Outlook, he said “it was a mob attack” and the party “will not claim any responsibility for it.”

Several media organizations, in India and outside, condemned this attack. They urged the Indian Government to see to it that action is taken against those responsible for the reprehensible acts and that the freedom of the press is safeguarded.

* * *

India became independent from British rule on this day in 1947. At the same time Pakistan was born as a separate homeland for India’s Muslims following demands from Islamic nationalists under the leadership of Mohammed Ali Jinnah of the All India Muslim League. Pakistan celebrates its independence on the 14th.


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