Self-publishing v traditional publishing

There’s much debate among writers whether to self-publish or go traditional. Both have their merits and it’s not always clear whether you’ll make a buzz in either case. If you got the money for traditional it might be worth the sweat you’ll undergo in self-publishing.

Self-publishers are often considered as hacks because their writing hasn’t been found good enough to be published traditionally, so it goes. But arguments are that it’s not always the case and traditional publishing does also produce some hacks with poorly edited novels.

I just saw a very interesting post at “The Truth About Writing” by Fred Charles entitled “Why Other Writers Annoy Me: The Self-Publishing Stigma and Other Ranting”. Fred has a pertinent stand about this issue. The comments that go with it are thought provoking too.

Incidentally there’s another blog post “self-publishing” linked to it at “Shamus Writes” with some quite interesting comments too.

I’d recommend these for anyone contemplating publishing.


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