What do they really want?

Honorable outcome for the 15 British hostages, so shall I say. Not only the United Kingdom, but the world was kept in suspense for nearly two weeks. It’s not a joke to remain in captivity for so long, not knowing what would really happen. Only those who’ve been in it know what it really means, especially when you are in a country targeted by the world, for various reasons. Call it diplomacy or whatever; the outcome has everything to be an honorable one for the UK, not so much for Iran.

In the past many hostages have never come back alive. Despite world pressure and high level negotiations, many have little chance of survival. But why do countries indulge in such condemnable acts? Do they always succeed in getting what they want? Not always, I’m sure. Like in this case Iran wanted a public apology from the Britons; it didn’t get. So what was the motive? Perhaps we’ll never know it.

The world seems to have become very vulnerable. There are no stringent barriers to movement; you can travel any where around the world. But the threat of terrorism and hostage is a real concern; to you, to me… and to all, wherever we are.

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