Writing as Freelance: Some Useful Links


I’ve been quite busy these days. Yeah, really hectic. The days are going by quicker than I’d imagine. My blog’s been static for a while. So in order to keep you posted and also to wrap up for this month I thought of recommending you some articles in case you haven’t come across them yet. Here they are:

  1. If you are contemplating to write a book review and you are not sure how to make your way, no need to look further. Here’s a clear and concise article about How to Write a Book Review. It tells you what a book review is and how to go about writing one; the important points you need to consider from the title, the preface, the table of contents to reading the whole text, the genre, style, point of view, preparing an outline and writing the draft. There’s everything you need to know.
  2. If writing a query letter is what’s keeping you from sending an article proposal I’d recommend Moira Allen’s How to Write a Successful Query. This article deals lengthily on the issue of query; the value of a query, the query letter essentials and how to format a query letter. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t come up with a powerful query letter if you follow the guidelines.
  3. Jenna Glatzer’s The Beginner’s Guide To Freelance Writing gives a detailed account of how you can break into writing for magazines, newspapers and e-zines. From getting the “big idea” to researching the markets to writing the killer query, Jenna tells us all about writing “on spec or not on spec”, rights issues, interviews, and recycling your “big idea”, among other useful considerations. If you’ve considered freelancing as an option that’s where you’ll find all you need to master.
  4. Last but not least, if you are still confused about the correct format of your manuscript before you send it off Moira Allen will guide you through her A Quick Guide to Manuscript Format. She gives a standard formatting and submission procedure when you’ve finished your draft. From the basics to the final submission this article leads you the way.

I hope you find them useful. Keep on the good work. Write as often as you can if writing is what you have chosen as a career, as a side income earner or simply as a hobby. Good luck and happy May Day to the entire world’s labour force.

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